Upcoming photodocumentaries and travels for 2004/2005

Vera Bohle
Portraits and documentary on her work as a deminer and her upcoming autobiography, which is presented on February 25th, 2004.
Cap Anamur
A portrait of the agency, their 25th anniversary, the renaming and loading of their new cargo-ship and it's first mission to Liberia.
Liberia - Life under the UN
A report on the life of the liberian people under the presence of the UN. Travelling the interior of Liberia and meeting with former rebel commanders, child soldiers and UN personel in their small outposts.
IDF - Soldier's portrait
Portraying the daily life of a female and a male IDF soldier.
Another travel to the Paktia Province and to Khost. A documentary on the work in the lapislazuli mines in the Badashan Province and about the beginning of the German Army's mission in Kunduz.
Israel - Inside Mea She'arem
An intimate portrait of the life of the ultra-orthodox jews in Jerusalem's Mea She'arem neighbourhood.
Kashmir - Meeting the people
A travel from Pakistan to India. Meeting and travelling with the Kashmiri, portraying their lifes.
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