At the LA Times place in Kabul, Afghanistan, © Rick Loomis - LATimes

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A Roadtrip from Clausthal to Kabul
Here youŽll find some impressions from my trip to Kabul, which took me through Austria, Slowenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan and Iran until I finally reached Afghanistan.

For better readability IŽve split the Trip in two. The first part will take you all the way down to Lathakia in Syria and in the second youŽll follow me through the Syrian desert, along the Euphrat in a sandstorm, see the Chevy at the Iraqi border and a lot more.

Today -23rd of January 2003- IŽve made the first upload. IŽll write the bylines tomorrow and probably upload them on Saturday. The second part of my journey, more portraits of the people and of Afghanistan itself will also be uploaded until the next weekend.

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